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New Installation Requirements of Temperature Control Devices

This article aims to share the unknown insight homeowners & any relevant industries to Hot Water need to know, and implement going forward to ensure they comply with the requirements of every insurance agency, including the manufacturers of Hot Water Tanks warranty conditions in the event of damage caused to property from the incorrect installment of a Hot Water System.

What does Fair Trading NSW Adopting the requirement for a Safety Tray Mean For You?

June 2016, Fair Trading NSW adopted the PCA(Plumbing Code of Australia) which in result has incurred new provisions to the instalment of Hot Water Tanks in NSW which in short legally requires a “Safety Tray” to be installed alongside a replacement Hot Water Tank to comply with the following AS/NZ 3500 clause;

5.4.1 Concealed water storage tanks

All water containers, cold water storage tanks, cold water storage tank-fed water heaters or storage water heaters that are installed in roof spaces, in cupboards or otherwise concealed shall be placed on safe trays complying with Clause 5.4.3. The safe trays shall be drained by safe wastes complying with Clause 5.4.4.
Notwithstanding the above requirements, mains pressure water heaters may be installed on
a safe tray without a safe waste, provided a leak protection device is fitted adjacent to the
cold water inlet and upstream of any expansion control valve.

A “Safety Tray” is an addition to a Hot Water Tank that in the event of a malfunction causing a leak the water will be automatically severed to avoid property damage

How does this affect me?

If you’re one of the MANY unlucky souls to not have a Safety Tray installed, in the event of a malfunction of your Hot Water Tank that could potentially cause damage to your property you will NOT be covered by your insurance – for instance, if your Hot Water Tank was to leak during the day to have you come home and realise a portion of your property has suffered irreversible water damage that could cost you $1,000’s… you’ll be footing that bill all by yourself.

safety tray


If you’re concerned you are not protected by a Safety Trayyour best foot forward is to contact a professional nearest to you and have them guide you over the phone to the understanding of whether you are in the clear, or not. If do not have a Safety Tray then we implore you to get one installed immediately, it’s a cheap fix to avoid an expensive problem…

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