MODEL NO: 491160
Get an extra boost of hot water when you need it. The Rheem® 160ltr 3.6kw Electric Hot Water Heater is available with a twin element for faster heating. So, if you have showers and a washing machine running a lot of the time — at the same time — you’ll appreciate the extra daytime hot water that the extra element provides.

It’s the perfect electric water heater for smaller families with a big demand for hot water.

Feature dual handed inlet and outlet fittings.
Money savings — designed for off-peak rates.
Mains pressure — for hot water out of multiple taps at the same time.
Twin element daytime boost available — for high demand hot water use.

12 year cylinder warranty
3 years labour warranty on the cylinder
1 year parts and labour warranty on all other components for domestic (non-commercial) installations

*Warranty conditions apply.